Experienced, passionate and innovative, Prestige was created by three founders, two of whom are Belgian, Fadi Drissi and Akira Didden, who were fascinated by digital art from an early age. Participating in many projects and having acquired a certain knowledge of the digital world, Fadi and Akira had the idea to create an NFT collection based solely on art and being involved in both the physical and digital worlds. Caron Gabriel, a young Swiss man, then came to bring his vision of the art world in the interest of developing the project. Today, Prestige has a team of more than 30 people sharing the same ambition, to create a great project.


Prestige is an art project that aims to democratise digital art that brings together unique works of art by renowned artists from all over the world. Unique, lavish and luxurious, the NFTs in the Prestige Collection will be a digital representation of physical works by participating artists. The artists' original creations will only be available to those who own an NFT from the collection. The public release date of the project is not yet fixed but it will be released in 2022.


Ambitious, the Prestige project does not intend to stop at a single collection. Indeed, Prestige will organise numerous exhibitions and collaborate with several large galleries throughout the world. The Prestige project intends to develop by opening various galleries, both physical and digital, where the possibility of exhibiting one's work will be offered. Other events and future plans are included in "Roadmap and Sneak Peak". With the growing desire to evolve, Prestige will create a second, more exclusive, more innovative and even more prestigious collection.

Artist with twenty three years of experience

Exhibited in numerous galleries, La Pointe is an inspiring French artist who spreads a unique and unifying message: Love. An artist in full bloom, seeking to leave his name and his art in time.

Bernard Pras, a contemporary artist, has been developing an artistic approach for several years, transforming the three dimensions into only two for the greatest pleasure of our eyes.

Willy Bo Richardson is considered one of the many contemporary painters revisiting late modernism. Describing his paintings as a 'philosophy in motion', all with vertical strokes of paint.

Whoisbgw, a Swiss artist, looks more than promising. Letting emotions be expressed through delicate knife strokes, all with an international distribution as well as renowned exhibitions.

The text is embedded in the painting with the writing a little perspective

Rvh_creation is a great Belgian digital artist, letting his art express his fantasy. He draws what comes to his mind and what he wants to draw in an innovative artistic theme.

The Prestige team consists
of 30 people who want to revolutionize the art world.