Prestige is the bridge that connects the physical and digital art.

What is Prestige?

Exclusive, luxurious and fascinating, Prestige renews the world of NFTs in an artistic way. Composed of several world-renowned artists, Prestige is the first artistic project to link physical and digital art.

Prestige aims to revolutionise the world of NFTs and the art world through various events, collaborations, innovations, collections and creations.


Creation and construction of the project, setting up the team and the whole structure. Public release of the project, creation of communities and communication through various marketing strategies until the mint

Organising auctions for all holders so that they have the opportunity to receive the original work directly linked to their NFT. The auctions will be held privately in groups of three holders. The price of the work up for auction will start at half of its initial price. The highest bidder will become the owner of the work.

Opening of the Prestige virtual gallery in the Metaverse. NFT owners will be able to exhibit in the gallery without any problems.

Each holder who wins the auction will have his work exhibited worldwide and sold. The holder will get back 100% of his price. Prestige will take care of the exhibition and will cover all the costs. This event will allow a very large communication. Accelerator units will be put on sale.

A large exhibition will be organised in a major artistic city to promote the project and create several large-scale events.

Prestige will offer the possibility to each holder to have a 10% discount on any physical work purchased from the artist of which he/she owns at least 1 NFT, as long as the person holds his/her NFTs. The discount applies to each work purchased from the artist who created the NFT they own.

Launch of collection number 2, an even more innovative and prestigious collection. Never before seen advantages, all with the same vision as the first one but with even more exclusivity.

Opening of the first physical Prestige gallery. All participants will be able to exhibit their work free of charge. Multiple benefits and events will take place, such as private parties, auctions, new investment opportunities, and many others...

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